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At Trailrace-Saddleworld, our saddle fitter Steve Phillips has over 20 years experience in fitting and repairing saddles of all types.

He travels as far south as the Southern Highlands and as far north as Port Maquarie. Any other areas in NSW please call the store.


  • We can come to your horse and conduct a quality saddle fitting. A saddle fitting that takes all the variables into account, including the different techniques required for each of the saddle types eg. western saddles or stock saddles each have differing fitting styles and measurement techniques to the standard English style saddles eg. dressage, all purpose or jumping. Remember as well as doing the fitting, we can perform all necessary repairs and adjustments in our own workshop without the necessity of sending your saddle to any other repairer.


  • We can also perform a more detailed assessment of your saddle using German pressure mapping equipment. Trailrace-Saddleworld are the only saddle fitters in Australia that offer this service. Our system involves an electronic sensor pad that is placed on your horse under the saddle. It transmits wireless images in real time to a laptop, where the images can be assessed using different tools. Naturally the images can be taken whilst the horse is standing as well as ridden in differing gaits. If you need to be assured of the perfect fit, this system uses science to confirm the fit or otherwise of your saddle. There are times when a saddle fitter just can't feel all the variations in preasure between your saddle and your horse. That is where acurate preasure mapping is important.


  • If you need a new saddle we can bring a number of different brands of saddle to your horse, so you can test ride different saddles under our guidance. This is the best way to make sure which saddle is comfortable for both you and your horse. These brands include Windsor, Equipe, Prestige, Pessoa, Trainers, Kieffer, Ezyride, Anky, Kent and Masters, Thorowgood.




If you need any of these services please call the store on 02 4353 1922 or email us at info@trailrace.com.au.